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Dunn County unveils new website for visitors

MENOMONIE, Wis. -- A new website is giving visitors to Dunn County information about where to stay and what to do in all parts of the county.

The website,, was developed by Dunn County government and recently went live.

“There are other local tourism sites that promote the city of Menomonie, but we wanted something that made an effort to promote the entire county,” said Jim Zons, a County Board supervisor and chair of the Community Resources & Tourism Committee. “We wanted to give it more of a countywide focus.”

The site contains links for things to do in the county, where to dine and drink, where to stay, information on the city, towns and villages in the county, and what businesses and industries are in Dunn County.

Under “things to do,” for example, there are links for events, outdoor recreation, shopping, and arts and culture. Hotels, motels and campgrounds are listed under the “stay” tab.

“We were not looking at the site purely from a tourism standpoint,” Zons said. “Our main focus was outlining all the amazing things to see and do in Dunn County, not only for visitors, but also current Dunn County residents who might not know about all the great things this county has to offer.”

Zons said officials also hope that people who are thinking of moving to the area will use the site to see what the county has to offer, as well as those who are considering moving their business or industries to the county. “Economic development is an additional focus of the site,” Zons added.

While the site has enough information on it now to be made public, it is by no means complete, Zons said. The public and businesses are invited to submit information to be added to the site.

“If a community organization or a business has an event or something else, they want added to the site, there’s a link for submitting that information,” Zons said. “We would appreciate the public’s help in making this site as complete as possible. We especially want to feature businesses and organizations that are in the perhaps less-traveled portions of Dunn County.”

Zons said the initial reaction to the site has been overwhelmingly positive.

“People appreciate the look and how it is organized,” he said. “We tried to make it easy to find your way around to get the information you want. We can’t wait for people to check it out and become contributors to the site.”

Dunn County Media Release.


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