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20 Ton Bridge Load Posting in Village of Downing

A recent inspection was performed on bridge structure P17-712 on West Boundary Rd./ Dunn/St. Croix Rd. in the Village of Downing. The inspection concluded that certain timber members of the bridge have deteriorated to a point that warrants the implementation of a 20-ton gross weight load posting of this structure.

The bridge is located on West Boundary Rd. / Dunn/St. Croix Rd. approximately 0.40 miles North of STH 170 in the Village of Downing.

All loads greater than 20 tons must use an alternate route and are restricted from crossing the posted bridge. Disregarding the load posting is subject to fines.

Load posting signs have been installed at the bridge location as well as preceding intersections informing motorists of the load posted bridge.

This bridge structure is currently being evaluated for potential replacement in the near future and will continue to be monitored annually through visual inspections by a licensed inspector.

For more information, please contact the Dunn County Highway Department @ 715-232-2181 or


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