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Tree of Life Banner by local artists to be presented to the Rassbach Museum on January 19th

Throughout the years, we have learned to preserve those things which bring us joy and vision. 

It’s not always easy to find the perfect way to preserve these memories. Time capsules are a classic example of a way we bring memories to future generations. Museums abound throughout the world with a vision to capture the artifacts our ancestors left behind.

Two of our local artists, Peggy McAloon and Susan Quilling, recently got together and decided to take advantage of the moment to preserve the names and talents of other local artists. In the spirit of Mabel Tainter’s love of the arts, these two artists ensure today’s generation of artists in Menomonie will be remembered.

This project began with a company in Canada called Mural Mosaics. Peggy McAloon painted a tile for a mural now displayed in the city of Port Washington on Lake Michigan. She and her husband traveled there in the summer of 2023 to view the final project displayed on the side of the Twisted Willow restaurant. 

Mural Mosaics’ has murals all over the world now. The company is a global root’s project bringing artists and communities together. You can easily research their website to become involved in one of their U.S. projects.

The Menomonie Banner, featuring a mural painted by 20 local artists, will be a legacy connecting our local artists one painted tile, one tree and one city at a time. Together we are creating a masterpiece celebrating diversity, connection, and beauty.

The legacy of beauty and the arts has been an important part of Menomonie’s heritage. We have murals on buildings, sculptures, and paintings currently displayed throughout the community. This newest mural banner will be displayed at the Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie Wisconsin.

Of special note: One of the 20 artists was a former art teacher here in Menomonie. After her retirement, she and her husband Buck remained on their farmstead south of town. Sally Rogers was an inspiration to so many of our children and other artists in the community. Her tile for the mural was the final art created before her death at the end of November 2023.

The Banner will be presented to the Rassbach Heritage Museum on January 19th at 1:00. Come and meet the artists.

The participating artists are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than themselves:  

Susan Quilling, Kim Roberts, Laura Hanson, Linda Gardner, Chealsey Gerth, Nicole Seidler, Judy Hinrichs, Sally Rogers, Sherry Cartwright, Carla Brown, Faye Swenson, Liz Hinschberger, Ilona Udvari, Lori Brenner, Betty Verdon, Sharon Zachow, Wendy Leirmo, Marilyn Matula, Pat McQuillan and Peggy McAloon.

The local art group Acts Coming Together (ACT2), She Shed Arts and Mural Mosaics participated in bringing this project to our community.

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