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Menomonie Mural Updates

Mr. Manor is donating his time and materials for this project. He is accepting donations. If you are willing and able, please consider stopping by with a donation and a word of thanks for this beautiful mural.

A GoFundMe has also been set up for anyone willing to donate. Here is a cool video Mr. Manor's daughter posted on Facebook.

"Welcome to Menomonie" mural updates from Menomonie native and artist Dale Manor:

August 15th - Today we made great progress on the mural once again.

Back in the 90's I worked at DJ Signs, just up the road from the mural we are painting now. DJ and his daughter were both helping today so it felt a bit like an artist family reunion.

My daughter Jacque and her husband Richard have been a big help so far. Each day we set up the site, roll out scaffolding, and all the other equipment, and then put it all away at the end of the day.

My Grandkids even jumped in and helped do a little projection layout the other night. Although we have been painting murals all over the United States for the past 20 years, this is the first time they have seen us paint one in person.

We had a quite a few visitors today, including the Iron Knight. Quite a few waves and a lot of positive feedback. Super happy that people are enjoying the project.

Take care for now.

August 14th - Well we made pretty good progress so far in spite of having a live death metal concert right next-door last night....for 6 hours!

Saturday morning, we set up the site and did some layout for projection. Once it got dark, we were able to get the major elements drawn on the wall (from about 9 pm until 1 am.)

Today we managed to pretty much finish the background colors. Once it got dark, we projected 6 of the 9 letter pictorials. Tomorrow we will probably get started on a few of the pictorials and then project the remaining 3 letters.

Had a great time showing our 3 grandkids how to sketch an image that was being projected in the dark. I will try to post more progress as we go.

Thanks to family and friends for stopping by and cheering us on.

I'll post a pic tonight of our painting progress from today.

August 13th - We're off to get started on the "Welcome to Menomonie" mural. I started loading things into my truck and when it was full, we then loaded my wife's vehicle. I hope we have everything we will need.

If you are in Menomonie over the next 9 days, you should see some color being added to the east side of the building at 620 Main ST E. Stop by and say hello or give us a wave when you drive by.

I was going to post our artist bios and some samples of our mural work, but I think it would be easier to post a link to our website below.

Take care and be well.

Dale Manor owns Studio in the Sky in Minneapolis. Check out his artwork on the Studio in the Sky website and on Dale's Facebook page.


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