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Mayo Clinic Health System offers self-guided 'Journey to Wellness' program

Being healthy, or keeping your workforce healthy, can be challenging. Wading through all the resources can be overwhelming.

In 2023, Mayo Clinic Health System launched a program to help make the wellness journey easier by cutting through the noise and bundling key materials to keep you, your family, your friends and your employees healthy. Because it was so well received by the community, the program is being extended into 2024 with all new topics. Monthly toolkits are being shared with over 9,000 people each month.

Program benefits include:

  • Reliable and accurate information from a trusted healthcare source.

  • Resources and activities at your fingertips.

  • Toolkit resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Each month, Mayo Clinic Health System will focus on a different aspect of healthy living. During this program, participants will guide themselves through provided resources and activities, choosing those that are important to them and completing them on their schedule. Those who register can participate for as many months as they'd like based on what fits their needs.

Participants will receive access via email to a new toolkit each month that includes resources such as blogs, videos, handouts and activities. They also will gain access to explore resources from previous months.

Here's what you can look forward to in 2024:

  • January — Explore your relationship with alcohol

  • February — Exercise for your heart

  • March — Take charge of your pain

  • April — Ignite your fire

  • May — Prevent stroke

  • June — Care for the caregiver

  • July — Stop the vape

  • August — Create a resilient mindset

  • September — Talk about suicide

  • October — Champion your health

  • November — Boost nutrition in the kitchen

  • December — Manage the winter blues

You can look back at these 2023 topics anytime:

  • January — Move more: Getting started

  • February — Keep your heart healthy

  • March — Sleep: A key to wellness

  • April — Make social connections

  • May — Reduce stress and anxiety

  • June — Exercise your brain

  • July — Eat smarter

  • August — Rethink your drink

  • September — Benefit from a grateful heart

  • October — Reduce your cancer risk

  • November — Prevent diabetes

  • December — Be healthy during the holidays

Benefits for employers:

  • Save money on wellness programming. Use the resources and activities to guide your workforce through important wellness information. Each month, content will focus on a different aspect of healthy living.

  • You can register on behalf of your workplace and send resources to employees each month. Or you can ask employees to register individually if you prefer.

Registration is required to begin this free program. Go to the Mayo Clinic Health System website to register.


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