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City council confirms appointment of Director of Public Works

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 3, Mayor Randy Knaack’s appointment of David Schofield as the new Director of Public Works was unanimously confirmed by the council. The current director, Randy Eide, is retiring with his last day on the job being January 13th. Mr. Schofield’s employment with the city will begin on January 30, 2023.

In other business:

  • The council repealed a charter ordinance regarding wards and elections and recreated it as a regular ordinance. As a charter ordinance, a 60-day waiting period was required before the council could consider changes to polling locations. Changing it to a regular ordinance allows polling places to be changed by simple resolution at a council meeting. The waiting period created a problem previously when there was a delay in receiving census data because of Covid.

  • The council approved a Level B Hazardous Materials Response Agreement with Dunn County to handle spills and other hazardous response services throughout Dunn County. This updates an agreement first entered into in 1993. The agreement will now be sent to the County.

  • The following individuals have been re-appointed to the Urban Forestry Board:

Dennis Kropp

Cynthia Gilberts

Bob Giede

Monika Hermann

City Administrator Lowell Prange reminded the council that the next meeting will be on Monday, January 16th even though it is a holiday. There will be a public hearing that evening regarding Java Companies' rezoning request for a proposed drive thru coffee shop next to Culver’s.


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