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Tainter Family Native American Connection

Posted today on the Mabel Tainter Facebook page in honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day:

Today we have an extra special Monday Morning Mabel! In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we’d like to recognize the Tainter’s Native American history and genealogy.

Did you know that Andrew Tainter was married prior to his marriage to Bertha Lucas Lesure (Mabel’s Mother)? Mary Poskin Goose - the daughter of Chief Nenaa'angebi (Beautifying Bird) - was married to Andrew for 9 years. They had 5 children together before parting ways. One of these children, the only child of Mary and Andrew we have a photograph of, is named Charlotte “Lottie” Tainter (pictured) - who later married George Seely, a past mayor of Menomonie! We are still working on tracking down more information about the Tainter’s Native American side of the family, so if you have any information, please email historian Lucy Weidner at


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