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Stepping Stones shares recent donations

Look at this! Wakanda Elementary School had an all-school food drive competition and whoever collected the most food got to throw a pie in their teachers face.

Food, personal care items, and diapers that were all sorted was donated to equal a grand total of 914 pounds!! That's amazing and a huge help!

Girl Scout Troop #3226 donated birthday bags which are given out to families in the shelter who let us know they are celebrating a birthday in their family. The bags contain a variety of things such as cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, decorations, small party favors, etc.

Thank you Girl Scout Troop #3226 for making birthdays special.

Cairn House would like to thank Menomonie's Women's Club for dropping off cookies and candy for Easter. Everyone enjoyed the goodies!!

Thank you to Christ Lutheran Church’s youth group for 331 lbs of food from their Super Bowl Food Drive!


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