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Notes for the Week - February 8th

Heath Dunn Right has put together a helpful video showing you the best ways to use the Community Resource Guide along with how to update existing resources and add new ones.


The Center for Independant Living is offering free COVID test kits to the public. If you are interested, please call 715.233.1070 or 800.228.3287 and ask for Samantha Lotts to reserve your kits.


The Neighbors of Dunn County have raised enough funds to purchase a new bus! They have been working hard for the past several years to achieve this. Here's a video they made to thank everyone that contributed.


Long-term data, collected across the country show that lakes and rivers are getting saltier. How fresh is our freshwater? What are the sources driving these changes? What can be done? Wisconsin Salt Wise has a series of webinars on their YouTube Channel. Information shared on the Health Dunn Rite Facebook page.


This was posted on the UpNorthNews Facebook page.


40 years ago...


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