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New Classroom Dedicated at North Fire Station in Memory of Scott Kingzett

The family of Scott Kingzett. Photo by Karl Palmer

By Karl Palmer

On Monday evening, May 2, 2022, the Menomonie Fire Department Paid-On-Call and Full-Time staff dedicated a classroom at the fire station in North Menomonie in memory of Firefighter John “Scott” Kingzett.

Scott passed away in November of 2020. A Marine Corps veteran, Scott was a Paid-On-Call Firefighter for 28 years (1977 to 2005) and a respected Platoon Leader who responded to 2,083 alarms in the community.

In 2012, he was honored as the second recipient of the Paid-On-Call Jack Ganzemiller Distinguished Service Award. Scott had a deep passion for the fire service, and even after he retired, he could be found visiting the station every week.

“Scott made a huge impression with me when I was a new Paid-On-Call firefighter,” said Karl Palmer, one of four current Paid-On-Call Platoon Leaders. He added, “He had a Marine’s attention to detail and high expectations. He was a Platoon Leader when I started 21 years ago, and he set a great example for those of us in the role today.”

After reflecting on Scott’s contributions, especially his willingness to share his experience and knowledge over his three decades of service, the Paid-On-Call membership felt a classroom dedication would be ideal. Fire Chief Denny Klass agreed, having worked at many emergencies with Scott over the years.

Scott’s wife Jane, and his family, joined Paid-On-Call, Full Time, and Retired Menomonie firefighters for the dedication ceremony where a sign painted by local business Vintage Sign Shop and a plaque detailing Scott’s contributions were unveiled in the classroom.


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