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New children's book by local author and artist celebrating Menomonie available at Dragon Tale Books

A new children's alphabet book celebrating Menomonie goes on sale today.

"The ABC's of Menomonie," written by Menomonie author Rob Bignell and illustrated by Menomonie resident Ann Vogl, is available exclusively at Dragon Tale Books. The bookshop is located in historic downtown Menomonie across from the Mabel Tainter theater.

Commissioned by and sold exclusively at Dragon Tale Books, the early reader alphabet book includes more than 60 pictures of Menomonie and the surrounding area. The pictures are presented in an oil-painting style.

"Part of the bookstore’s mission is to develop literacy and to build community," Vogl said. "An ABC book for early readers seemed like the perfect choice to achieve those goals."

This is Bignell's fourth children's book.

"You can find ABC books for almost every state and major city, so I thought, 'Why not my hometown too?" Bignell said. "Menomonie has a lot to be proud of, and hopefully this book captures some of that."

Those visiting Dragon Tale Books also can see an exclusive video, "The Making of 'The ABC's of Menomonie.'" A QR code next to the book display allows customers to access the video on their smartphone.

With the book, toddlers and preschoolers ages 1-5 can discover what makes their hometown an amazing place to live. And though a great gift for any little one, “The ABC’s of Menomonie” also is a marvelous keepsake for anyone who has lived there, whether for a few years as a student or for all of their lives.


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