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Menomonie Theater Guild presents awards at annual meeting

Hey, friends! Did you know you ALL won an award at our recent annual meeting?

While we can't possibly print a certificate for each and every one of you, we WOULD like to say THANK YOU for the absolutely amazing support you have provided as Menomonie Theater Guild returned to the stage post-pandemic. We appreciate every community member who volunteered, acted, directed, attended a show, worked backstage, or supported our organization in a myriad of other ways. We are truly grateful and look forward to many more years of theater in our beautiful community!

A *few* other commendations were awarded at the meeting and without further ado we would like to share the names of those winners with you.

Best Scene Award - The final scene in Steel Magnolias in which M'Lynn and her dear friends must cope with the death of her daughter Shelby. The actors were Sifia Jevne, Tessa Hauck, Anna Mae Zabrowski, Dawn Ascher, Cathy Pierzina, Sali Mounce, and Nicole Breed.

All in Award - Mentors of Beauty and the Beast, JR for the time and passion they devoted to Beauty and the Beast summer camp. Our fantastic lead mentors were Anna Steans, JoJo Richardson, Travis Vandeberg, and Emma White.

Gut Buster - Erik Evensen for his performance as Wadsworth, the formal uptight butler in Clue.

Can't Plan That - MULTIPLE last-second fill-ins for CLUE who absolutely knocked it out of the park! We couldn't plan for coming down with COVID, but each last-second actor was incredibly funny and memorable. The actors of the hour were Katie Talberg, Phoenix Blue-Koszalka, Nick Feeney, and Kinsey Marsolek.

"How'd They Do That?!" award for technical wizardry. - The Black Friday cast for assembling the ENTIRE SET for each show.

The Show Must Go On - David Billingsley, for his positive attitude and hard work to ensure Mr. Wormwood was the nastiest, funniest, and most heart-warming used car salesman ever!

Most Memorable Musical Moment - Eleanor Enyeart as Matilda for her performance of the heartbreaking song "Quiet".

Best Cameo - Gavin Hall as Rudolpho. Gavin gave this ridiculous character all of the loveable charms of a surfer dude!

Tearjerker Award - Sifia Jevne as M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias

Behind the Curtain - Seth and Monica Berrier, our superheroes who agreed to do lights and sound for Steel Magnolias at the eleventh hour and did an amazing job of making the show look and sound great!

MTG Rookie of the Year (adult) - Cathy Pierzina as Clairee in Steel Magnolias.

MTG Rookie of the Year (youth) - Corrine Lichucki, who despite being the youngest, worked the hardest at learning her lines, blocking, and choreography and gave an amazing performance.

Rising Star (13 and under) - Eleanor Enyeart for her professional attitude, hard work, dedication, and exceptional efforts put into learning (and executing beautifully!) a huge role in Matilda.

Rising Star (14-18) - Sam Wurm for his passion for theater, and great work ethic in rehearsals and performances.

Summer Production Standing Ovation Award (male character) - Aidan Wolbert for his role as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, JR.

Summer Production Standing Ovation Award (female character) - Tehya Johnson for her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, JR.

Standing Ovation Award (female character) - Sifia Jevne as Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda.

Standing Ovation Award (male character) - Kory Stuemke as The Trunchbull in Matilda.

Congratulations to ALL those nominated, as well as those voted winners. It truly was a season to remember!


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