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Lions Club begins remodel of Wakanda Park Memorial

Ribbon cutting groundbreaking scheduled for September 20th

You may have been wondering what's going on at the Menomonie Lions Memorial in Wakanda Park. Well, we're doing a major remodel.

The Menomonie Lions have begun a rejuvenation project of their Lions Memorial located In Wakanda Park at the corner of Pine & Game Park Road. The existing memorial was over 60 years old and was due for upgrades. The club opted to move to a more hard scape project similar to local Veterans memorials to limit future maintenance.

A ribbon cutting groundbreaking will take place on Wednesday, September 20th at 3:30 pm.

The full project will take about 2 years to complete featuring the 2 existing pillars as the entry into the new memorial. It will initially consist of a 24’x30’ elliptical concrete pad with 2 black granite monuments that will have passed names of Lion members, 2 black granite benches, and a sitting concrete Lion statue as the main feature. Initial concrete work is expected to be done the week of September 25th by Accurate Construction.

Other features will include 3 flagpoles with flags (US, State, & Lions). An ADA compliant concrete ramp from street through the pillars to the memorial platform.

Still in the design phase is a possible archway from pillar to pillar. Lighting and adding a couple of shade trees will also be incorporated.

If you'd like to donate towards the Menomonie Lions many community works, you can do so via one of the below links.

A Brief History of the Menomonie Lions Memorial

In 1960 the Menomonie Lions Club purchased 29.5 acres to expand Wakanda Park and donated the property to the city. The club, however, continues to provide maintenance services.

Part of this property became the Lion's Club Game Park and Lion Ted Wiehe Nature Trail. The Lions Memorial stands on the corner of Pine Avenue and Game Park Road.

The Lions Memorial has gone through several changes since being built. At one point redwood plaques that honored deceased club members were added to the pillars.

The memorial was damaged in the July 1980 Derecho. During repairs the sign and roof were replaced with a new structure that included brick pillars, roof and a lighting system. Additionally, a new 30-foot flagpole with a 4x6 foot flag was installed immediately behind the sign.

The redwood plaques were eventually replaced by new bronze plaques and the pillars were widened.

In May 2023 we removed the bronze plaques and cleared some of the area in preparation for a major remodel over the next several years.

In August 2023 the roof and flagpole were removed. The pillars will serve as part of a new ADA compliant entrance to the new and improved memorial. This will consist of a concrete apron with a Lion Statue, granite pillars with the names of Menomonie Lions and benches. We hope this will be a place where people can reflect in a peaceful atmosphere.

Eligibility to have a Lion’s name etched on the monument stones: one has to have either served as a Menomonie Lion for 15 years in good standing or have passed away while being an active Lion member.

From a Facebook post by the Menomonie Lions Club. and the Facebook Event page.


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