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Girl Scout Troop Earns Bronze Award

From left to right, Sophia Casper, Carinna Hayes, Annella Wolbert, Samantha Anderson and Tina Anderson

Girl Scout Troop 3015 was recently recognized for completing their Bronze Award project. The Bronze Award is the highest award Girl Scout Junior Troops can earn and requires a minimum of 20 hours of work. For their Bronze Award, Troop 3015 restored pieces of a steel bridge that can be found in six area parks.

The old Meadow Hill Bridge was taken down in 1996. As a Parker through truss bridge, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and was one of only a few left in Wisconsin. For their Girl Scout Gold Award, Megan Keeler and Lisa Traxler preserved pieces of the steel bridge and placed them in area parks. Since then, they have added beauty to the parks along with preserving a bit of history.

Over the years, the steel pieces had worn down, and rust settled in. Troop 3015 restored the steel pieces by chipping away old rust and paint, cleaning them, painting them, and re-mulching around the signs. Invasive species that had been planted at an earlier time were removed. The project was delayed due to the pandemic, but the girls worked hard from late last summer until the snow fell to complete the project.

Members of Troop 3015, all 5th graders at Knapp Elementary School, are Sophia Casper, Carinna Hayes, Annella Wolbert, and Samantha Anderson. The troop leader is Tina Anderson.

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