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Four state grants to improve internet access in Dunn County

Dunn County has secured four additional state grants to improve broadband access to homeowners and businesses. 

The grants are part of $43.2 million in new broadband grants announced recently by Gov. Tony Evers and the Public Service Commission to fund 30 projects across the state. They will expand broadband access for about 16,000 residential and business locations in Wisconsin. 

“This is amazing and unexpected news,” said Dan Dunbar, Dunn County Assistant County Manager. “Dunn County accounted for over 10 percent of all the awards. The broadband providers that cover our county have done a wonderful job making compelling applications." 

The grants are: 

  • Town of Grant: an $816,954 grant to reach 124 homes and 43 businesses by Mosiac Technologies 

  • Town of Colfax: a $335,000 grant to reach 40 homes and five businesses by 24-7 Telcom. 

  • Town of Lucas: a $535,000 grant to reach 51 homes and 10 businesses by 24-7 Telcom. 

  • Village of Knapp: a $580,000 grant to reach 158 homes and 42 businesses by 24-7 Telcom. 

The grants carry a match requirement from the broadband providers and other entities. Dunbar said Dunn County pledged $182,500 to the grants. Since 2022, Dunbar said, the county will have contributed $194,000 to broadband projects in Dunn County. 

Dunbar also said that since 2017 there have been 29 broadband projects awarded grants covering all or part of the Towns of Menomonie, Red Cedar, Rock Creek, Lucas, Sherman, Colfax, Otter Creek, Sand Creek, Dunn, Elk Mound, Lucas, Spring Brook, Stanton, Tainter, Weston, Tiffany, Grant, New Haven; and the villages of Boyceville  and Knapp. 

Evers said in making the announcement that a good broadband connection “means helping folks log on to work, go to school, buy groceries, order prescriptions, see the doctor, connect with friends and loved ones, and so much more. We must remain steadfast in our efforts to expand access to affordable high-speed internet across the state and close the digital divide that is holding families and communities back once and for all.” 

Dunn County media release.


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