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Dunn County transfers park ownership back to Sand Creek

Ownership of a popular Dunn County park and campground has been transferred to the town of Sand Creek 50 years after the town turned it over to the county.

“The agreement between the county and the town came together quite nicely,” said Michael Nelson, chair of the Sand Creek Town Board, about Myron Park in the northern part of Dunn County. “The town was ready to take over the park, and the county didn’t want to be in the campground business.”

Nelson said that the camping facilities, as well as other amenities, have been improved over the years. There are now more than 50 sites, many with electric, water and sewer hookups.

“Our local people have been putting in sweat equity, so it was a viable campground,” Nelson said.

The history of the park goes back to 1969 when Anna Myran donated land along the Red Cedar River, stipulating that the land be used for a park. The town turned the park over to the county in 1973 so it could be developed into a serviceable park. It remained in county ownership since then, but in 2005 the county contracted with the town to manage the campground and maintain the park.

Nelson said that since the town has essentially been maintaining the park since 2005, it made sense at this point to return the park to town ownership.

“The county wasn’t putting any money into it and wasn’t getting anything out of it,” Nelson said.

Kelly McCullough, chair of the Dunn County Board of Supervisors, agreed that it made sense for the county at this time to deed the land back to the town.

“Though the county nominally owned the park, all of the work and maintenance has been done by Sand Creek,” McCullough said. “Given that the town has made some major efforts there, they asked for us to return the park to them. “Since it was entrusted to us by Sand Creek,” McCullough continued, “in the interests of improving recreational opportunities, and because they are the primary users and are responsible for its maintenance, it seemed only right we return it to them.”

McCullough said the resolution transferring the property included a stipulation that it would remain a park and the personal property at the park would remain at the park.

“The intentions of Anna Myran are being stewarded to the best of our ability,” he said.

Nelson said the town has plans to do even more upgrades at the park now that the town owns it again.

“We are going to need to do some improvements to the park to keep the campground viable,” Nelson said.

Media release from Dunn County.


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