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Dunn County announces new web map application

We (Dunn County) are excited to announce the release of a new and improved Dunn County public GIS site!

The current GIS site, WGXtreme will be replaced with a new web map application called Beacon. This site will offer enhanced performance, functionality, and mobile experience. The new Beacon GIS site will be reviewed by the Land Information Services team in October and is expected to be live in early November. A specific release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Below are links to How-To videos for the Beacon GIS site, along with links to other Beacon sites in Wisconsin. Please feel free to contact the Dunn County Land Information GIS Team with any questions at or 715-231-6545.

Beacon GIS Site How-To Videos:

We recommend watching Map Layers, Spatial Selection Tool, Print Tools, Navigating a Parcel Report, Parcel Report Printing Options, Map Search Tools

Beacon GIS Sites in Wisconsin:


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