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Council supports renovation project at former Lakeside Lounge

New City Treasurer appointed

The City Council adopted a resolution supporting the renovation project at 614 Main Street East (formerly known as Lakeside Lounge). TWD Enterprise LLC is applying for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s Community Development Investment Grant to redevelop the property. Jeremiah Gerdin shared his plans with the Council. The 1st floor would be renovated for a dine-in restaurant, the 2nd floor for living quarters, and the exterior would be improved. The grant requires support from the City Council.

The Council approved the appointment of Jayme Schindler as the new Treasurer for the City of Menomonie. Ms. Schindler has been acting as the Interim Treasurer since September, and before that was the Deputy Treasurer.

The Council approved a zoning request for a 19.62-acre parcel adjacent to Eagle Point Road from Agriculture to General Industrial. The site will be the future home of Jerry’s Towing.

The Council approved the budgets for the City Water Utility, Wastewater Utility, and Solid Waste & Recycling Departments. The 2024 TID Budget and Construction Fund Capital budgets were also approved.

The Council approved a Master Agreement for Professional Services with Cedar Corporation. City staff worked with Cedar Corporation to formalize their contractual relationship. This agreement will serve as the legal basis for future project-specific contracts.

The Council approved a Special Event Permit from Tourism Director Tammy Simon to temporarily erect holiday lighting in Wakanda Park adjacent to Game Park Road for the City of Menomonie Parade of Lights.

The Council approved the release of the existing utility easements adjacent to Lots 1, 2, 11, and 12 of Meadow Hill Estates.


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