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City Council approves Cedar Falls Road traffic improvements

At the September 18th City Council meeting, the Council approved an amendment to the Cedar Falls Road Traffic Study Agreement with MSA Professional Services. This amendment gives the go-ahead for improvements at the intersection of Cedar Falls Road and both Hwy 25 and Hils Court. Signal timings will be adjusted at both traffic lights. Pavement markings will also be changed to help with traffic flow.

The Council approved the Menomonie Lions Club's request for permission to discharge a firearm within the city limits to cull the elk, deer, and buffalo herds at the game park. The request was granted for a two-year period and is subject to requirements set by city administration.

According to the request submitted by the Lions Club, the herd must be kept to a set limit to comply with the USDA and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. During public comment, Lions member Kevin Jack stated that, at times, animals must also be put down because they are sick, often because people feed the animals when they should not.

The Council adopted an ordinance amendment adding the legally defined area of 604 Wilson Avenue (former site of Cedar Corp) within the B-1 General Commercial District for which front and side yard setbacks are both zero feet. This will allow Cedar Corp to rebuild on the site with a similar footprint as the previous building, which predated the setback codes requiring a 25-foot front yard setback and a 10-foot side yard setback.

The Council waived the first reading of a proposed ordinance amendment to increase the minimum lot area to one acre for residential properties requiring private wells and septic systems. City code currently allows the minimum lot size of .46 acres. City officials believe .46 acres is insufficient to provide enough separation between lots and could lead to contamination of private wells. This change would only affect lots created or modified after January 1, 2024. Existing vacant lots would not be impacted by this amendment. This will come before the Council again at a later date for a final vote.

The Council approved a resolution to amend the boundaries of TID (tax incremental district) #13. This resolution removed a section of land from TID #13. Said section of land will be used to create a new TID, which will be TID #18. The Council approved a resolution creating TID #18.

(Tax incremental financing is an economic development tool that allows cities to use the property taxes from a defined district or TID (tax incremental district) for a set time to support and incentivize development of that district. At the end of the set time, the TID is closed, and from that point forward, the property taxes are distributed to all taxing jurisdictions.)

The Council approved two change orders for the construction of the Stepping Stones homeless shelter. The City of Menomonie is the contract owner for grant purposes and must approve the changes.

Two special event requests were approved.

  • The Valley's Makers Market at Wilson Park on October 15th

  • UW Stout Men's Club Volleyball for a tournament at Phelan Park on September 30th


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