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City Council approves addition of stop signs on 9th Street

The Council approved the addition of a four-way stop at the intersection of 9th Street E and 21st Avenue E. After a traffic study, it was found that the additional stop signs are warranted based on the volume of traffic in that area. The stop signs on 9th Street will be added sometime around August 25th. This is about the same time resurfacing finishes up on 21st Avenue E. All four stop signs will be outfitted with reflective vertical strips on the posts and reflective flags on top.

Stokke Trail from State Highway 29 to Meadow Hill Drive will be resurfaced. The Council awarded a contract to perform the work to Albrightson Excavating, Inc. The city received a WisDNR Recreational Trails Grant for $60,400 to offset part of the cost.

Cedar Corporation is planning to construct their new office at the site of their old at 604 Wilson Avenue. A variance would be required if the new building was built with a footprint similar to the old one, as it did not meet the 25-foot front yard setback or the 10-foot side yard setback required. The Council introduced an ordinance amendment and referred it to the Plan Commission for review. A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 5th.

Sidewalks on Stout Street, in the Downtown area, and near City Hall will be replaced. The Council awarded a contract to Skid Steer Guy to complete the work.

The Council approved the rezoning request made by Joel and Tammy Harper at 568 Midway Road and Jimmy and Barbara Harper at 600 Midway Road. Joel Harper spoke at the public hearing and indicated he would be adding an additional storage unit.

The Council approved improvements to part of the driveway at Wakanda Elementary and Wakanda Waterpark. Based on an agreement signed in 1997, the city and the school district share the cost of maintaining the joint parking lot and driveway.

The Council approved an agreement to enter into a contract with retired City Administrator Lowell Prange for consulting services on an as-needed basis for assisting with creating a city budget and a capital improvement plan with the city. Mr. Prange will work on an as-needed basis.

The Council awarded a contract to Stout Construction to bring sewer and water to Lindstrom Equipment at E6091 578th Avenue.

The Council introduced an ordinance amendment to increase the minimum lot area for residential properties within the city limits but without access to city sewer to one acre. Currently, the minimum is .46 acres. This would only affect lots created or modified after January 1, 2024. Existing lots would not be impacted by the amendment. This amendment will be sent to the Plan Commission. It will have a public hearing at the September 5th City Council Meeting.

Judge James Peterson and Judge Christina Mayer presented information on Dunn County’s Drug Treatment and Family Treatment Court initiatives.

City Council President Mary Solberg read the Mayor’s Report in Mayor Randy Knaack’s absence.

Highlights include:

  • The Wakanda Waterpark has had over 25,000 visits this summer.

  • Chris Kroeze’s concert at Paint the Town was rained out but has tentatively been scheduled to take place at Wilson Park after the homecoming parade on September 22. This does need approval by the Council at a later meeting.

In other comments:

Public Works Director David Schofield stated that upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant are almost finished.

Installation of the new fuel system at the Community Services Building is underway. The underground tanks are being removed and replaced with above-ground tanks.

A house near the Kwik Trip on South Broadway will be moved to a location near 22nd Avenue E. The move, which will take place sometime during the week of August 14, will take 1-3 hours. More information will be shared on the City’s Facebook page.

Schofield also reminded everyone that traffic on 21st Avenue E and 5th Street is for thru traffic only.


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