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Accessibility widget now available on county website

Today, we're thrilled to bring you exciting news. Thanks to the support from the Health Dunn Right funding initiative, Dunn County received a new Accessibility Widget for our website.

We believe in creating an inclusive online space for all. This powerful accessibility widget is designed to make our platform more user-friendly for everyone, regardless of abilities or disabilities.

Some features include:

Voice navigation, keyboard navigation, smart contrast, screen reader, and more.

How to Access: Look for the widget icon on the bottom left side of our website and explore the options available. It's that easy!

Our commitment to inclusivity is stronger than ever, and this Accessibility Widget is a significant step forward in ensuring everyone can fully participate in our online community.

Join us in embracing inclusivity! Try out the new Accessibility Widget today and help make our platform a welcoming space for all.

Access the Dunn County website HERE.


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