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Here We Are: Jeffrey Yang

Jeffrey Yang is an artist and the owner of Blue Dragon Tattoo. He took over the business in June of 2023.  

He taught art in China for five years before he switched careers to tattoos.


“I was just super interested in creating some art on skin and having people wear it forever,” he said.


Yang has been tattooing professionally for about a year and a half but has been self-taught since 2017.


He has a former art student in China who owns a tattoo shop. Yang says they talk often and exchange information. He taught the former student drawing, and then that student taught him how to use a tattoo machine.


“We all started from somewhere, like in basements and such,” Yang joked.


Sara Shaide, one of the artists at his shop, worked with him when the studio was under previous ownership. “After the other owner left, we kind of started a new one here, and it’s going good,” Yang said.


Since taking over the shop, they have done a few renovations to make it more open and spacious. Shaide says, “We’re going for more minimalism now, like softer, not scary.”


One of the renovations was the mural of the blue dragon on the wall. Jeffrey says, “There were paintings on the wall, but they weren’t from us, so I felt like we had to do something, like a symbol.”

Yang currently lives in Eau Claire but hopes to move closer to Menomonie soon. He says, “It’s beautiful and peaceful, and the university and students are motivating.”


He doesn’t wish to change anything about Menomonie or the area. Yang said, “It’s a small town, but I have everything I need.” 

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