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Applied Energies blasting begins

On Monday July 24, the City of Menomonie City Council approved issuance of a blasting permit to Applied Energies, LLC for the Estover Terrace project between 11th Avenue and 17th Street on the City's southeast side. Conditions of permit approval were: no blasting between 5pm and 9am, no blasting on Saturdays or Sundays and no blasting on Federal Holidays.

Applied Energies has informed the City that they have notified all building owners within 500 feet of the blasting areas and have offered to conduct a pre-blast survey of each building. Applied Energies has informed the City that they intend to commence blasting at approximately 10:00am on Monday July 31 and that blasting will continue at least twice per day for approximately three weeks (depending upon weather delays). Airblast and ground vibration monitors will be used to verify that blasting activities comply with State Code SPS 307.

Please contact David Schofield, Director of Public Works, at 715.232.2221 ext. 1020 with any questions.


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