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Women’s Giving Circle of Dunn County Announces Grant Deadline

The Women’s Giving Circle of Dunn County (WGC) is now accepting grant applications from area nonprofits seeking support for projects that improve the lives of women, children, and families in the Dunn County area.  

Typical award amounts range from $500 to $2,500 each. The 2024 grant deadline is Saturday, June 1st.  Electronic applications must be submitted to the Community Foundation of Dunn County (CFDC) office by 5:00 pm via the online grant portal form, available at From the main menu, mouse over “Initiatives and Programs”, click “The Women’s Giving Circle of Dunn County”, then press the “Apply for a Grant” button. 

Established in 2013, the WGC consists of over 100 local women who have taken an active role to support this community. Together, these women learn about emerging community issues, network with others who share similar and varying passions, and pool charitable dollars to direct funding to create a positive impact in Dunn County where it is needed most. By using membership donations to both grant and grow, membership has been able to distribute over $112,000 in grants over the last nine years, while growing an endowment of over $228,000 held at the CFDC. The endowment generates income to support annual grantmaking and ensures that the philanthropic vision of the WGC lives forever.   

WGC membership is open to any women who want to join and support the WGC’s mission of philanthropy. To find out more about the WGC or the CFDC, please visit or call (715) 232-8019. 

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