Winter Farmer's Market at Raw Deal

Veronika Zazovsky: selling all local, zero waste products, photo taken by Kyra Price

By Kyra Price, UW Stout Harvey News Bureau

While visiting farmers’ markets seem like a warm weather activity, Menomonie holds a Winter Farmer’s Market at Raw Deal every other Saturday morning from February through April.

Vendors sell baked pastries, jams, and jellies, and more artisan goods. They spread out their products between tables at the coffee shop for customers to peruse.

The general manager of the Menomonie Farmer’s Market Veronika Zazovsky sells all local, zero waste products including soap bars and candles. She said the candles were made using upcycled jars.

Zazovsky owns a farm north of Menomonie where she makes her soap bars and candles using beef and lamb fat. As a vendor and manager of the Market, she sees how buying local helps raise the economy.

“Buying local helps all families, not just one,” she said.

Brie Vodvarka: selling loose leaf tea blends, photo taken by Kyra Price

Vendor and tea crafter Brie Vodvarka said she encourages people to buy local as well. She sells loose leaf tea that she blends herself.

Vodvarka says she sets up her stand at the market every other Saturday all throughout the winter months.

Vodvarka said she starts developing her tea by growing the leaves around April. She then dries the leaves for about three hours before bagging the blends.

“It takes a while. The quality is so much better though,” Vodvarka said.