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White Pine Open Mic - June 23rd

For thirty years White Pine has offered local writers and musicians of Dunn County a chance to share their work at an open microphone in front of a friendly audience. Musicians, poets, storytellers, comedians, dancers... anyone who wants to

share their talent with an appreciative audience is welcome to sign up for 10 minutes at the mic. Several local writers such as Yata and Michael Perry got their start sharing their work at White Pine events.

There are so many talented writers and musicians right here in our own community, and the White Pine quarterly open mic is a great place to get to know them. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy meeting some of your creative neighbors. Come early to sign up for a 10-minute slot if you wish to share. Listeners are welcome, so come and join us!

The next open mic will take place Sunday, June 23rd at 2pm at Wilson Park. Performers should plan for a 10-minute set, with sign up beginning at 1:30pm.


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