Video recording available of community meeting regarding single payer healthcare

UPDATE: A video of this presentation can be seen on You Tube.

By Pat Eggert

League of Women Voters – Greater Chippewa Valley will hold a community meeting Thursday Nov. 17 to discuss the issue of single payer healthcare for all. It will be held at the Dunn County Judicial Center in Menomonie, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Dr. Laurel Marks, co-president of Wisconsin PNHR (Physicians for National Healthcare Reform) will keynote the discussion followed by a panel composed of the 29th Assembly State Representative, Clint Moses, and a representative from Security Healthcare.

The meeting is intended to inform and educate the public about the state of healthcare and explore some solutions together. The League of Women Voters does not have a position on single payer healthcare and remains non-partisan on candidates.

As a point of information, in Dunn County there is a referendum on the ballot in November that reads, "Shall Congress and the President of the United States enact into law the creation of a publicly financed, non-profit, national health insurance program that would fully cover medical costs for all Americans."

More information on the referendum can be found here. The results of the referendum can be found here.