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UW Stout Police Officers Honored

From the UW-Stout Police Department Facebook page:

Today we take some time to formally recognize Sgt. Lisa Pederson and Officer Kevin Goodell for their outstanding response to a medical emergency on April 11, 2022.

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Sgt. Pederson and Officer Goodell responded to an EMS call for a student who collapsed on the basketball court near Price Commons. Upon arrival, the officers, and EMS crews quickly realized that the student was in cardiac arrest. Sgt. Pederson and Officer Goodell performed CPR on the victim while EMS crews initiated advanced cardiac care. The victim student was eventually transported to the hospital where he fully recovered. The student is returning to Stout this fall to resume his academic career.

In a critical situation like this, the skills of these two officers, and their willingness to perform, directly resulted in saving the life of a member of our community.

Therefore, Sgt. Pederson and Officer Goodell are presented letters of commendation, and lifesaving pins to wear on their dress uniforms. This is a small token that comes with tremendous pride and gratitude.

Thank you both for your exemplary service. -Chief Jason Spetz

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