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The Menom Podcast - Tom Sampson from the Machine Shed

The latest episode of The Menom Podcast is now available and can be found here.

From the Menom Podcast Facebook page:

We sit down with Tom Sampson owner of the Machine Shed and ​co-owner of C.C. WE ADAPT, to discuss his CrossFit facility that is approaching its 10-year anniversary and what differentiates his facility from others.

He takes us through his path from leaving his time as an inmate behind, to entering personal training to eventually running his own place.

He is also actively involved in working with youth in town and using his own experiences growing up. His passion for mentoring Menomonie kids is equal to that of his actual business. He has expanded this beyond Menomonie too.

Hear about how CrossFit helped him change his life and how he has been giving back to the community ever since. Plus, a heartwarming story about reconnecting with an old friend and paying it forward together.

Oh, and be ready for a surprising pick for his favorite movie of all-time.

Hosts: Becca Schoenborn & Dustyn Dubuque. Find them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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