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The Menom Podcast - Sarah Freeman, Mike Tarr, and Michael West

The latest episodes of The Menom Podcast are now available and can be found here.

From the Menom Podcast Facebook page:

Mike Tarr - owner of Mike's Art & Design Supply

This time on the Menom Podcast Dustyn and Becca invite Mike Tarr the owner of Mike’s Art & Design Supply to talk about his art shop. Why his art shop is needed in a small town like Menomonie? How Mike was drawn to Menomonie and what made him stay. Having UW-Stout shaped his life and his business. That his shop has become “The Art Store” to everyone in Menomonie. A great episode that is based around Menomonie that shows why this community is so great.

Sarah Freeman - owner of Hive + Hollow

Sarah Freeman joins Dustyn and Becca to talk about her business, Hive and Hollow that just had its 5 year anniversary, that is in Menomonie and now in Eau Claire. They talk about the floral industry and how it is not as “clean” and easy growing as many people think. As well as Hive and Hollow being more than just a floral shop and that is a great place to buy gifts for everyone. Another great business owner that does great things for Menomonie on The Menom Podcast.

Michael "Westy" West - Markquart Motors

This time on the Menom Podcast Michael “Westy” West joins Dustyn and Becca to talk about what happens in the city of Menomonie. Westy talks about his job at Markquart motors and what people are looking for in a car these days and why Markquart is different than other dealers. But they are not just a car dealer but also hold events that bring the community together. Another great guest on the Menom podcast that does great things for Menomonie.

Find all of The Menom Podcast episodes HERE.

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