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The Menom Podcast - expanding beyond Downtown

The Downtown Menom Podcast has been rebranded to The Menom Podcast. Read on for more info and catch up on all of the episodes you may have missed.

From The Menom Podcast Facebook page:

Hey, we're the hosts of The Menom Pod, Dustyn and Becca!

You may know us from our podcast, Downtown Menom. We decided to expand our show outside of downtown and are excited to bring you even more of Menomonie. We're still interviewing your favorite locals like we always have but may have some new ideas brewing too.

Dunn County Clerk, Andrew Mercil - hear about the importance of local elections, our lovely poll workers, and how easy it is to vote! Plus our usual tangents about food and movies at the end.

Micah & Maysa Maraia - This father/daughter combo each have a business downtown. Micah is the owner of Studio MLM and Maysa owns BarabLynn's Vintage, we're lucky to have them in town.

Kristin Schenck, owner of Log Jam Bar and Eatery - Co-Host Becca Schoenborn loves food, so we had to have the owner of one of our favorite eateries in Menomonie join us to discuss the wonders of owning a restaurant, her love for the community, the difficulties of the pandemic and why she loves Menomonie. Who knows, she may open something else in the area in the future.

Kayla Blue, owner of Patina Vintage Co. - We chat with Kayla about her eye for vintage items, her love for small business and her passion for making something that is old, feel new. We also chat about the best kinds of pie, because, why not?!

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