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The Memories at the Mabel Tainter - December 17th

The Memories will be performing at the Mabel Tainter on Sunday, December 17th at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $29 and can be purchased HERE. (Note: the 2:00 pm performance has sold out)

From the Mabel Tainter website:

The Memories, Warren Petryk, Tim Stevens, and John Lynch return to the Mabel Tainter Theater for their 37th Annual Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 17. Through the years, their concerts have featured traditional Christmas carols and favorite songs of the season. Audiences that attend their shows at the Tainter have come to appreciate that the Christmas Story with Bible verses and Hymns is always included.

As many groups do, The Memories got their start singing and playing music together while in high school choir and band in Boyceville, WI. In the summer of 1972, they were asked to perform for their friend’s wedding dance and the Cucumber Festival.

Starting out as a very part-time adventure, Warren and Tim, along with classmate and fellow founding member, John Lynch, performed anywhere, and everywhere they could. The “Boys from Boyceville” sang for events at village halls, golf courses, high schools, community festivals, wedding dances, night clubs, bowling alleys, street dances, ballrooms, barn dances, supper clubs, ski resorts, and more.

At their peak, the guys were full-time entertainers and traveled from coast to coast on the road over 200 days a year. After John retired from the group in 1988, Warren and Tim continued to perform full time. In 1995, they scaled back to a part-time schedule, and in September of 2000 Tim and Warren began a new phase when they started performing their shows as a duo. Today, they continue the tradition of their trademark “Music, Laughter and Wonderful Times” by appearing at a select number of events each year.

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