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The latest episodes of The Menom Podcast

The latest episodes of The Menom Podcast are now available and can be found here.

From the Menom Podcast Facebook page:

Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd

The Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd joins Dustyn and Becca to talk about what it means to be a County Sheriff. How Kevin likes to have a sense of community for office and that it means to a lot to be a part of the community as an officer. How he got to become the County Sheriff. What does the County Sheriff do? That an officer in uniform will always be there for an officer in uniform to work together. A great episode about community on the Menom Podcast.

City Council member Ryland Erdman

City Council member Ryland Erdman stops by to discuss the happenings in the city. Why did he decide to jump into city politics? His active presence in local social media. Examples of how things “get done” and working through disagreements and communication. Also, his work on the preservation committee.

Spooky Chippewa Valley Tales

We’re talking and learning more about some of the “spooky” and “ghostly” tales from our area. The myths, urban legends and more.

  • The scandal involving grave robbing and an affair cover-up

  • The Dunn County poltergeist

  • Eau Claire hypnotism craze

  • The haunted house/stable in Eau Claire

  • The Menomonie pro wrestler

Becca and Dustyn are joined by Jodi from the Chippewa Valley Museum.

Jeff and Marie from Estillo Salon

Jeff and Marie (among others) return to the podcast to chat about a number of topics covering Menomonie and the area. These two active members of the community provide updates on some of their projects and the goings on with organizations they are tied too.

These two young entrepreneurs are constantly trying to expand and grow. They discuss their successes and what they are yet to get.

We also hear about a fun trip to Poland!

Find all of The Menom Podcast episodes HERE.

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