The Farmers' Store - Selling Local Goods

Local producers have a new place to sell their goods thanks to Amber Kersting, who opened The Farmers’ Store this past summer. In addition to opening a place where people could buy local products, Kersting was passionate about providing local producers a means to sell their products after the pandemic struck, limiting their options.

The Farmer’s Store showcases high quality food sourced locally from independent farms. Kersting, who has a Sociology degree from UW Stout with a focus on sustainability, believes in providing handmade or locally grown products that value responsible and sustainable sourcing. Currently there are about 15 vendors - all from within about 45 minutes - that provide goods to the store.

“Selling local goods isn’t about competition, it’s about holding space for people to keep creating and producing in a way that we can all feel good about,” Kersting said.

Many items in the store come in small quantities and items will vary, especially seasonally. The variety of meats can include yak, beef, chicken, lamb and pork, as well as elk and water buffalo meat sticks.

Other food items that can be found regularly are syrup, honey, jam, eggs, butter and milk. During the summer and fall there is an abundance of fresh produce. Non-food items include: herbal salves, cutting boards, CBD oil, wool socks and artwork. Kersting is always looking to add more locally made non-food items.

“The powerful thing about local farm goods is the potential they have to connect us - to the rhythms of the land, to the plants and animals, and to each other.” Kersting noted.

The Farmers’ Store is located at 603 S Broadway, behind the Raw Deal and next to the Duke and Dagger. Hours are Monday - Thursday from 11 am - 6 pm. Contact them to shop by appointment or to arrange for curbside pick up. Gift certificates are available.

More information can be found on their website and Facebook page.