The Bridge to Hope Transportation Fundraiser

The Bridge to Hope is raising funds to provide transportation for clients.

From the Facebook Fundraising page:

We are in need of donations to help us provide transportation for clients. We have a high demand for these items: gas cards, bus tokens, purchasing bikes, car repairs, etc.

We have unfortunately run out of funding due to the high need, and we are asking for your help to able to provide more! This includes giving out gas cards to be able to come to shelter, bus tokens to run errands, or bikes for clients without vehicles to go to job interviews in the Menomonie area.

How much do these items cost? With the price of gas, we typically try to purchase gas cards worth $20.

Bikes have been hard to find with Summer coming. Our last bike we purchased was $140.

Bus tokens are $3 per ride, so at least $6 per person to go somewhere and back.

Together, let's help those fleeing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in this time of crisis! Follow this link to donate.