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Taylor Swift and Squad Skate n Dance Party at The Skate Ranch - June 24th

Can’t afford tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in the cities?! Who could at that price?! We’ve got you! Celebrate Taylor and her music with us at The Skate Ranch Saturday, June 24, 4-6:30pm! Feel free to dress as Taylor! We will be having a costume contest and Shake it Off Dance off contest and play songs by Taylor and friends. There will be an area of the rink coned off for DANCING, if you don’t want to skate! $10 Admission, $2 Quad Skate Rental, $4 Inline Skate Rental. Presale tickets are recommended as this event will likely sell out! All ages are welcome, but please note that suggested age is 13 and up, similar to a PG-13 movie rating. Content will be similar to a Taylor Swift show.

Tickets can be purchased here.

From the Facebook event page.

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