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Snowstorm message from Dunn County Highway Commissioner

From the Dunn County Facebook page:

Message from Dustin Binder, Dunn County Highway Commissioner

We were all getting used to the warmer spring-like weather, but unfortunately, winter is still here for the next few days. The forecasted storm is anticipated to bring historic snow amounts, colder temperatures, and blizzard-like conditions.

Highway crews will be working day and night on the 18-24 hour state service roads and 14 hours on the County roads with the upcoming weather. Additional plow trucks and graders will be implemented as necessary to maintain safe traveling as much as possible. We are anticipating heavy snow amounts, slippery roads, blowing and drifting, and possible blizzard conditions over the next few days, so utilize extreme caution if traveling and give yourself extra time. Please give us time to clean up the roads, use caution when approaching a plow truck, and maintain a safe 200ft. minimum distance when traveling behind a plow truck.

Stay safe, slow down and be aware of the ever-changing road conditions.

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