Slim Your Screen Time Summer Challenge from Mayo Clinic

Information taken from the Mayo Clinic Facebook page.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for many. Thankfully, digital tools have allowed people to work remotely, participate in school from home and maintain personal connections virtually. It's easy to understand why people are on their devices perhaps more now than ever. Unfortunately, spending too much time on screens can actually have negative health effects.

As summer approaches, why not choose to make the most of it by living life fully — present and in the moment — when you don't need to be online. Don’t miss out on the fun and beauty that is happening all around you. Join Mayo Clinic Health System for a free virtual challenge to reduce your screen time so you can play, explore and connect more.

The challenge runs June 1-July 31. Complete 30 or more activities from a list of over 100 ideas. Complete them when it works best for your schedule, and check completed activities off the provided checklist for a fun way to track your progress. Ensure you follow COVID-19 safety recommendations when completing activities. Participate on your own or with family, friends or a group of students. Hopefully, this summer you make time to play, explore and connect more.

Registration required and the link to register can be found here. Registrants will receive 3 emails along the way, which include the free printable/interactive digital checklist, bonus activities, motivational content and a survey to help Mayo Clinic Health System evaluate the program.

The original event post can be found on the Mayo Clinic Facebook page.