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Seed starting workshop at the Menomonie Market Food Coop- 4/1

From the Menomonie Market website:

Date: Saturday, April 1st from 10:00am-11:30am Location: Menomonie Classroom Instructor: Teresa Davis Cost: $30

Have you wanted to learn how to start some of your edible garden plants from seed? Experienced gardener and farmer Teresa Davis of Joyful Land Farm in Elmwood, Wisconsin will share the basics of starting seeds for your home garden. Class topics will include what types of plants can be started from seed, how to prepare and plant a seed starting tray, taking care of your seedlings as they grow, and hardening off the seedlings to prepare for planting in a pot or in the ground. You will have the opportunity to start a small tray of seeds to take home and nurture into delicious food. There will also be plenty of time for questions. The class price includes the supply cost to create your own seed starting kit, and you will take home a six-cell seed starting tray and lid with seed starting soil and a variety of planted tomato, pepper, and herb seeds.

About the Instructor Teresa Davis is an experienced gardener and farmer who has a passion for teaching others about growing food. She and her husband Mike own Joyful Land Farm, a small family farm near Elmwood, Wisconsin. Teresa grew up on a dairy farm and has helped with gardening and food preservation her entire life. She has also been growing and preserving a majority of her own food since 2011, and she continues to learn all about growing food gardens, food preservation, and seed saving. Her desire through teaching others is to cultivate interest and increase confidence related to growing food.

Registration and more information.

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