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Seasonal Weight Restriction Reminder

From the Dunn County Facebook page:

With spring around the corner, comes seasonal weight restrictions of local highways. The Dunn County Highway Department would like to remind everyone that the County imposes seasonal weight restrictions on various county roadways within Dunn County.

There is currently no official date set at this time to implement seasonal restrictions, but this is a reminder for individuals to plan accordingly.

On average seasonal weight restrictions have been imposed within Dunn County in the month of March and can typically last approximately 6-8 weeks. There is no set time or duration of these imposed restrictions and is dependent upon frost depths within the roadways. Roadways can be added or removed depending upon the conditions during these times.

Dunn County continually monitors the frost depths at various locations throughout the county to determine the duration of the restrictions. Seasonal weight restrictions are put into effect to help preserve the roads as much as possible during these sensitive periods when soils are saturated. Weight restrictions are based on gross weight of the vehicle and load with a 5 ton per axle configuration.

Please contact the County Highway Department with any questions, (715) 232-2181.

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