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Republicans Introduce Legislation to Remove Barriers to Youth Workforce Participation

Representative Clint Moses

Madison- State Representatives Clint Moses (R-Menomonie) and Amy Binsfeld (R-Sheboygan) comment on their proposed legislation:

This week a bill was introduced to eliminate the need for 14–15-year-olds to acquire work permits or street trade permits from their schools before joining the workforce. This allows youth and their parents to make the right decision for their family.

Work permits are needless administrative barriers that slow down the hiring process, particularly for leisure and hospitality businesses where teenagers are likely to find a first job. This bill balances freedom and public safety. It maintains workplace safety standards while allowing teenagers to find a job without the administrative headache of a permit.

Many teens are eager to join the workforce and make an impact in their local communities. Removing work permits gives teens the opportunity to work without having to endure excessive government regulation.

“This legislation makes it easier for our young people to enter the workforce voluntarily,” said Rep. Moses. “It provides them with an opportunity to explore career opportunities and establish a good work ethic at a young age.”

Representative Amy Binsfeld

“I think we can all agree that teens have many different interests for their after-school activities, so encourage those who want to be employed do it. It shouldn’t matter if it is athletics, volunteer work, arts, or employment. Let the teen find something that gives them joy and purpose without the added step of bureaucracy,” said Rep. Binsfeld.

The bill will soon be referred to Assembly and Senate standing committees, where it will await a public hearing in both houses.

Media release received by Rep. Clint Moses

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