Opportunity for Kids to Help Make Dunn County History Quilt

Dunn County Historical Society is offering kids ages 3-18 the opportunity to make a quilt block showing something related to the history of Dunn County. The blocks will be made into a quilt which will be displayed at the Quilts of the Pinery show in February and raffled off at the Frost Fair on Feb 5, 2022.

Fabric squares are available for sale at the Rassbach Museum in Wakanda Park for $2 each. Kids and an adult can get a free tour of the museum if needed to get ideas. Kids can use paint, crayon, permanent marker, thread or fabric or any other permanent medium to create their block. Each child can enter only 1 block and they are due at the museum by October 16, 2021. Each kid will get a free raffle ticket and more will be available throughout the quilt show.

For more information, call 715-232-8685 and ask for Sofi.

There are a limited number of blocks for this project so pick one up as soon as possible. When they’re gone, they’re gone.