Partisan Primary Election coming up August 9th

The primary for the mid-term elections is coming up on Tuesday, August 9th. The winners will move on to the November 8th mid-term election.


On the ballot are candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, US senate, US congress, state senate, state assembly (all are up for election), Dunn County Sheriff and Dunn County Clerk of Circuit Court.


This is a Partisan Primary election. You may only vote within one political party.

Check to see what will be on your ballot.

The City of Menomonie fairly recently completed a redistricting plan through the State of Wisconsin that has changed some ward boundaries. Please go to to see if your ward has changed and where your polling location is. Any questions contact Catherine Martin, City Clerk at 715 232-2221 ext. 1006 or Pam Wildner, Executive Assistant at 715 232-2221 ext. 1000.

To find more information on candidates, check

The League of Women Voters has a wonderful check list with all kinds of information about voting and this election. You can find it here.

There are a number of individuals on the ballot for governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer. Check the to find out who they are and more about them.


The incumbent Ron Johnson (R) has one Republican challenger David Schroeder.

Eight candidates appear on the Democratic ballot - Mandela Barnes, Alex Lasry, Kou C. Lee, Sarah Godlewski, Peter Peckarsky, Steven Olikara, Tom Nelson and Darrell Williams. All of these names will be on the ballot though a number of them (Lasry, Godlewski and Nelson) have recently dropped out of the race.


With the retirement of Ron Kind (D), there will be a new congressman representing the 3rd District in Washington DC. Derrick Van Orden is the only Republican running. Four Democrats are on the ballot including Menomonie resident Deb Baldus McGrath. Running against McGrath are Rebecca Cooke, Mark Neumann and Brad Pfaff. I recently did a story on McGrath which can be found here.

WPR hosted a debate for the four Democrats running. You can find that here.


Wisconsin is made up of 33 state senate districts. Only the odd numbered districts are up for election this year. Each senate district has 3 assembly districts. All assembly district offices are up for election this year (even years).

Most of Dunn County is in Senate District 10 which is not up for election this year.

The northeast corner of Dunn County is in Senate District 23 where the incumbent Kathleen Bernier (R) is not running for re-election. There are no democrats running. Three Republicans will be on the primary ballot - Jesse James, Brian Westrate and Sandra Scholz.

The southern part of Dunn County is in Senate District 31 where the incumbent Jeff Smith is the only democrat running and David Estenson is the only Republican running.

Most of Dunn County falls within State Assembly District 29 which is currently represented by Clint Moses (R). No one is challenging him in the primary and only one democrat candidate appears on the ballot, Danielle Johnson.


The current Sheriff, Kevin Bygd and the current Clerk of Circuit Court, Katie Schalley are up for re-election. Both are running unopposed. Both are running as Republicans.