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Parenting classes for families of children with disabilities

The Triple P Stepping Stones Seminars series consist of three 90-minute virtual meetings that discuss how to positively parent children with a disability, how to help your child reach their potential, and how to change problem behavior into positive behavior. This series is for parents of children ages 0-12 with disabilities.

Sessions run morning and evening Monday November 6th, 13th, and 20th. Participants can participate in either morning or evening session based on their individual schedule.


Session 1: Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability: Introduction to the seven core principles of positive parenting.

Seminar 2: Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential: How to use positive parenting principles to promote your child’s development by teaching them new skills and behaviors.

Seminar 3: Changing Problem Behavior into Positive Behavior: How to manage problem behavior in ways that help children learn alternative and more adaptive behavior to take its place.

Contact instructor with any questions: Pierce County: Hannah White-McGinn: or 715-629-0476


From the Extension Dunn County Facebook page.

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