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Officer Zassenhaus leaves Menomonie Police Department

From the Menomonie Police Department Facebook page:

Today we said goodbye and good luck to Youth Services Officer/Investigator Maloree Zassenhaus. Investigator Zassenhaus is departing the Menomonie Police Department to become a special agent for the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation. She will be assigned to investigating internet crimes against children.

Investigator Zassenhaus served with honor and distinction during her over twelve-year career with the Menomonie Police Department. She distinguished herself as a computer forensic expert focusing on investigating sexual predators praying upon kids online. She became such a skilled expert in that area she was asked to serve as a mentor for newly trained computer forensic investigators.

In addition to her skills as a computer forensic investigator, she was the in-the-field leader for Phase I of Project Hope. Through her trailblazing efforts in Project Hope she led and coordinated the creation of the Juvenile Review Team (JRT). Investigator Zassenhaus worked with School District of Menomonie Area counselors, and Dunn County Department of Human Services social workers to help identify at-risk youth and provide them services to improve childhood outcomes.

Investigator Zassenhaus also led the efforts to divert juveniles away from the juvenile justice system by offering evidence-based educational opportunities. Her dedication and drive helped lead the JRT to reducing juvenile criminal referrals by approximately 75%! A truly amazing accomplishment.

Beyond her abilities to investigate and lead innovative efforts, she received a Life Saving Award in 2013 for saving a man's life. She also received letters of commendation for outstanding performance of duty and a meritorious service award for her career accomplishments.

Lastly, Investigator Zassenhaus could always be counted on to be an ambassador for the Menomonie Police Department. She was a central presence for events such as National Night Out, Shop with a Cop, Citizens Police Academy and any other opportunity that supported community connections.

Please join the Menomonie Police Department in wishing future Special Agent Maloree Zassenhaus all the best as she takes on a new role in protecting children in the great State of Wisconsin. Thank you for everything and good luck in your new role!

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