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Notes for the Week of April 27th

Marshalls is scheduled to open the week before Memorial Day!


The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Comsumer Protection advised Wisconsinites to be aware of scam callers imitating police officers. Law enforcement will NEVER demand payment over the phone. Learn more here.


The Menomonie Market announced that their summer hours are now in effect. They will be open one hour later from, now from 7:00am until 9:00pm.


Menomonie's very own Mullet Boy, Emmitt Bailey, made ESPN this week. Watch the video here. (Sorry, but this will probably only work on Facebook.)


The Mabel Tainter has a new puzzle available - the Blue Room. Find it in the gift shop or order it online here.


Someone posted a video on Facebook this week showing the flooding on the Red Cedar Trail in Dunnville. Watch it here. (You may need to enter full screen mode for it to play properly.)


Awhile back a question was asked on Facebook about the status of the Super America on Stout Road. It has apparently been abandoned by the owner, an individual with a last known address in Minnesota. The city has been trying to contact the owner, but all mail has been returned. The police department is assisting at this point. I've been keeping an eye on this and will post updates as they come.


Menomonie native Courtney Mack is joining the national tour of Six. Courtney was an alternate in the original Broadway show.


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