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Notes for the Week - October 12

The Dunn County Health Department shared this helpful guide if you have questions about applying for Wisconsin programs like BadgerCare or Foodshare. If you still have questions, call the Health Department at 715-279-7232 to set up an appointment for help with the sign-up process.


The director of the Menomonie Theater Guild's production of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express along with one of its stars, appeared on WEAU this week. Watch the interview HERE.


For the last several months I've been sharing a picture here from the Community Garden Facebook page. Now that the garden season is over, I no longer have beautiful pictures to share. If anyone would like to share a picture that they've taken that I can post here, please send it to Thanks!


Our Savior's Lutheran Church is collecting new blankets in the month of October. Blankets can be dropped off at the church at 910 9th Street.


The Great Escape Bar and Grill is looking for crafters for an event on 11/18/23. If interested either message them through Facebook or call 235-3472.



The Menomonie Theater Guild is looking for ushers for this weekend's performance of Murder on the Orient Express. Ushering is fun and easy, PLUS you get to see the show for FREE. Sign up through this LINK or reach out to with any questions.


With cold weather coming, remember, Do NOT plug space heaters into power strips or extension cords. Space heaters need to be plugged in directly into the wall outlet. Power strips are not designed to handle the high current flow required by a space heater and can overheat causing a fire.


Did you know that leaves and other fall organic debris contribute to over 50% of the annual total phosphorus load in urban storm water? Our waterways receive storm water from thousands of homes each time it rains. Keep leaves and other trash out of the gutter and away from storm drains.


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