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Notes for the Week - 9/8

Dunn County Emergency Management is reminding everyone that they should have an emergency kit on hand. September is National Preparedness Month. Build your emergency kit today. Find helpful information here.


The Menomonie Library is in need of shoe boxes for an upcoming event. If you have any that you would be willing to donate, please drop them off by October 14th during regular library hours.


The food pantry is extending their hours and will now be open on Tuesdays from 10am-1pm.


Every Wisconsin household can place an order for a package of five free COVID-19 self-tests. Order your tests online by securely submitting your name and address here.


A reminder from Dunn County: the Dunn County Communications Center is responsible for testing the emergency siren system. These tests are conducted from April through October at 10:00 am on the first Monday of the month. If you believe a siren is not functioning during these tests, please report it to your local municipality public works department.

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