Notes for the Week - 5/12

Here is a new podcast that I came across - Coffee at the Cottage. I haven't been able to find out too much about it, but it appears to be based in Menomonie. I will post something if I find out more, but in the meantime, you can take a listen here.


Speaking of podcasts, The Cabin is a podcast produced by the same people that bring you Discover Wisconsin. The May 5 episode was all about Menomonie. You can find it here.


For City of Menomonie residents only - Free Energy Saving Packs are available to help improve the comfort of your home and make it more energy efficient. Get in touch with Focus on Energy to request your pack of products today: Call 800-762-7077 or visit online here.


Did you know? - Dunn County has a mass notification system available to all residents of Dunn County. The system is known as Code Red and can provide residents with voice, text and email notifications of emergencies and other information that may affect their area. The Code Red system is activated by the Dunn County 911 Center and Emergency Management Office. Residents with a traditional landline telephone are already in the system. For residents with wireless telephones, you must self-register with the system to receive messages.


If you are a fan of the Pitch Perfect movies, you may be interested to know that Stout has its own acappella group - the Devil Tones. Here is a link to a Facebook video where you can see them performing.


Wisconsin offers outdoor recreation that is accessible to people of all abilities from fishing piers to hiking trails and campsites. Here is a link to a map showing accessible features in Wisconsin parks.