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Notes for the Week - 2/23

Last year, the eighth-grade language arts students at the middle school completed a unit researching Dunn County history. They used the Dunn County News archives and other resources to research a story from the past. Students retold their chosen story using literary nonfiction elements. The stories are available on the DCHS website and can be found here. Definitely worth taking the time to read!


Every year the parents of seniors at MHS work hard putting together an appreciation night (lock-in) held the evening of graduation. It gives the students a safe place to spend time together. Lots of prizes are given out. Donations are welcome and appreciated. If you want to help out, you can check out this wish list they put together on Amazon.


Posted by the WI Foster Closet: Registration is open for the annual Swinging for a Cure golf tournament. The Wisconsin Foster Closet is one of the charities they have chosen to support this year so we want to help get as many teams registered as we can. May 19th, lots of fun food and prizes! Register here.


The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Zorn Arena in Eau Claire on Friday, March 17th. More information and tickets can be found here.


Local author Bob Salt gave a book talk at Dragon Tale Books recently. If you missed it but are interested, there is a recording available. You can find it here.


This was posted on Facebook: So, this week 3M laid off several dozen workers. I'm reaching out specifically to them, or anyone else who gets laid off permanently. There's a nation-wide grant called WIOA (go ahead, check it out) that focuses on helping folks get back to work. It can help with certain expenses like car repair, limited childcare. It can really help with paying for training or materials for a new job. This is not unemployment; it's not a loan and it doesn't affect your unemployment. If you're one of the many laid off, please reach out. You can email me at Call at 877-711-9390 ext. 1418, PM me here, or stop in the Job Center located next to CVTC on Stout Road. I can only answer M-F during normal business hours, but my job is helping connect workers with grants that can help.

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